New stage unlocked: Down under

It’s been a crazy time in the last months. Took me quite a few months to quit my life in Germany and go for an adventure with my lovely girlfriend. While having to give away almost everything I had, I became a big fan of digital goods for the first time… Without a plan were to go (but far away) the first flight was scheduled to Gold Coast.

Before arriving in Australia, I made a stop in Singapore for a few days. So far, that was the best airport experience I’ve ever had. The guys who build it must have really oriented themselves by user-centered design principles. Not only the feature list (like free cinema and gaming area) is long, but also user feedback is being gathered frequently at points critical to passenger satisfaction.


Enjoying the time in Asia, ideas were elaborating about what to do and where to go next. At the same time, I was still waiting for the official response about a PhD scholarship application I have submitted many months ago. And lucky me, the good news arrived just in time! So here I am, updating my blog from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland. Although I miss all great guys and gals back in Germany, especially the awesome people at Bigpoint, I’m happy to be part now of the Engage Research Lab at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My PhD focuses on the positive effects of video gaming, which means that I will do my best to reveal as much insight as possible on how to harness the power of games for a greater good. And maybe I will create a new game myself, we’ll see… In any case, I will produce and publish some articles on my way, which I will post on this blog ;)

photo credit: [ embr ] via photopin cc


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