– The best resource for educational games for children

There are lots of games for children. And some of them are also educational. However, the problem is that most learning games are just not fun and exciting and your kids stop playing them because they get predictable and boring. is a website which reviews contemporary popular games, which are proven to be fun AND which have educational aspects as well. Each reviewed game is being given an in-depth analysis, briefly reviewing the game mechanics and explaining the educational effects. Games are divided into three categories:

1) Games for all: Here you will find games, which are suitable for literally everybody: children, fathers, mothers, grand parents and of course you.

2) Girls Games: Let’s face it, most games for girls are sexist, teaching girls only how to use make up and decorate their fingernails. There are only very few games, with female role models that are characterized by agentic traits of self-assertiveness, independence etc. This category is for games that you would seriously recommend your (grand) daughter.

3) Early childhood games: Games with high accessibility that support the natural development of cognitive, emotional and social skills are collected in this category. Skills that are transferred by these games can include mathematics, physics, language, etc. as well as informal skills like social and cultural norms.

Make sure to visit to choose the best games for your kids!



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