The Love Game



This game aims to simulate romantic social interaction. The player’s goal is to seduce its counterpart by sending out vibrations of love at the right timing. Outcome is in its essence chance-driven but can be improved by system-provided indications of success. NPC’s reactions are unpredictable and simulating the freedom of choice. This way, the game dynamic and unforeseeable but at the same time learnable to some extent, promoting intuitive behavior.

It may be described as a social interaction Minesweeper.


  • Approaches are valid only when made near the mate
  • Successful approaches are defined by a match of the used key random variable with the general random variable
  • A successful approach adds one point to the love score
  • Repeating a successful approach adds a half point to the love score. This is guaranteed for the first repetition only.
  • 3 love points make the mate to fall in love with you
  • An unsuccessful approach adds one point to the disagreement score
  • 3 points to the disagreement score set the score to 0 and subtract one point from the love score
  • This means that once you made your mate love you, this can be reversed by making negative approaches so never take love for granted
  • A negative love score is not possible


  • Subtle coloring effect for the players orb for each approach (Q, W, E)
  • Small particle effect for approaching
  • Small particle effect for answering an approach
  • Increasing the size of the particle effect with each love score point
  • Coloring effects (green/red) for additions and subtractions made to the love score
  • Pink coloring of the NPC when in love


  • One general random variable with four possible outcomes (0, 1, 2, 3)
  • One random variable per key (Q, W, E) with four possible outcomes (0, 1, 2, 3)

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