The meaning of choice

Every game confronts us with choices, which is not surprising at all since games are per definition an interactive medium. Of course, there are skill-based games which demand from the player to givie a pre-defined input without giving him/her any choice as it might seem. But even then, a minimum level of choice is always there. For example, if the seemingly simple task is to click a button at a certain moment, it’s up to the player to make an estimation how long it takes (physically) to press the button and to decide on the right timing for his/hers decision to actually press the button. And it’s up to the game designer to make sure that players are confronted with the optimal level of appropriate choices (defining complexity) to achieve the best results in terms of fun, engagement and conversion. In the following, I will discuss the effects of choice on the gameplay experience and which consequences it might have for the monetization of a game. Continue reading